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The View From The Middle Seat _ Jac Ford

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The View From The Middle Seat _ Jac Ford

Jac Ford has a lifetime of guiding under his belt, sitting in the middle seat of a drift boat, putting his clients on trophy trout. This book is full of those lessons. 

“I’ve known Jac for over three decades; he’s a total original, cutting his own path, and an out-of-the-box thinker which makes him a great teacher and guide. This book is full of techniques and tips that will improve anyone’s game.”  Kelly Galloup 

“Jac has given us a clear and concisely written memoir of his vast angling experience wrapped up in a wonderful piece of reference material that anglers of all skill sets can utilize for success on the water. Simply put, if you want to delve into the realm of hunting trophy trout, this book will fill that void and make any angler who reads it ready for that next adventure.”  Rich Strolis

"This book will help you become a better angler, more successful in locating, attracting, hooking, and touching the elusive trophies we all seek. Importantly, it will guide your development of lifelong tools, processes of inquiry and analysis, that will enhance your appreciation for nature’s splendor and the magic of its wild creatures.

Trophy angling is now tougher, more critical of our skills and thought, than in past eras. Our streams and lakes, even the seas, are more crowded with anglers. To maximize your enjoyment you need to prepare thoughtfully and hone your skills. The View From the Middle Seat is your tool kit." Bob Linsenman

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