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Lamson Remix 3-pack: 2

Lamson Remix 3-Pack: One Reel, Two Spools & Case

"The Liquid and Remix 3-Packs offer ridiculous value that is hard to pass up. The two extra spools and a padded case are killer when you are planning on getting set for different conditions.

For an 8wt streamer outfit here you might rig a floater (low water night fishing), a type 3 sinking and a type 6 sinker to cover the variable flows). For your 6wt try a type 3 sinking, and intermediate to cover smallmouth & small trout streamers and a floater for trout and hoppers"_ Steve.

A fusion between the free-form structures of a cast spool and the mechanical integrity of a CNC-machined case, Remix is a hybrid.

The case, CNC-machined here in the U.S. from 6061 bar-stock aluminum, delivers maximum structural rigidity and durability all wrapped in a harder, brighter finish. The spool, pressure cast with radiused compound curves, near zero-radius inside corners and a precise fit and finish, delivers both value and sex appeal.

Remix brings together the best of CNC machining and pressure-cast technologies to deliver an unprecedented level of quality for a bit more than $150. In addition to the US-made case, all critical drag components are CNC-machined here in the U.S. And like Liquid, Remix reels are assembled in Boise by our skilled and experienced team. The result of this Remix? High performance, reliability, quality assurance and sex appeal.

  • REMIX 1.5 3-Pack 3.34" 0.99" 4.29 oz 3,4 WF4 100 yds 20#

  • REMIX 2 3-Pack 3.61" 1.00" 4.78 oz 5,6 WF6 100 yds 20#

  • REMIX 3.5 3-Pack 3.85" 1.14" 5.49 oz 7,8 WF8 200 yds 20#

  • REMIX 4 3-Pack 4.65" 1.37" 8.36 oz 9,10 WF10 250 yds 30#

  • REMIX 3.5 HD 3-Pack 3.98" 1.14" 6.40 oz 7,8 WF8 200 yds 20#

  • REMIX 4 HD 3-Pack 4.79" 1.37" 9.61 oz 9,10 WF10 250 yds 30#

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