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The Staff

We have kept the same core team that kept the Mountain River Shop alive...Steve, Chad Johnson, Faye Clark and new local talents Ben Levin and Bill Thorne.

So this is who we are and what we believe in.  There is one final element to making a great shop and that is you the customers. We create the skeleton, put flesh on the bones but its our family of customers who breathe life. You make our creation dance and laugh, sometimes weep with your shared experiences. 

The customers are why all of us in the team get up out of bed and come to work with a grin on our faces. It is your enthusiasm to fish, your dedication to the fly rod, to drive and fly in many cases hundreds of miles to pursue this weird obsession that inspires us too.  We are privileged to be able to share it and to help you get the most out of your White River experiences.  We want you to love this place as much as we do.


Faye Clark - Faye is indispensible around here. "Miss Faye", as she is known in the Southern way, is the one who returns order to chaos.  As our office manager, she is the one to convert the boys scribbled notes, vague ideas and "get thing done first" approach into standard business and accounting practices. Miss Faye is often the first voice you will hear if you call the shop, and runs our Online Store, getting your orders packed and sent out fast. If you have shopped with us previously you will have received her "smiley face" handwritten notes accompanying your order.  She is also a true local having been born and raised along the White River.  Faye couldn't be better suited as the voice of reason among the fly fishing lunatics around this place, having learnt her craft after marrying her husband, well known tier and fly fisher Mike. Mike is another of our extended family around the Ozark Fly Fisher who pitches in, when all our guides are on duty and we need a reliable hand in the shop. 

Steve Dally - Steve, the manager and front man, has been working in various sectors of the industry: media, marketing consultant, guide, and has spent 13 years working in fly shops on the White River system, largely in managerial roles. Read Steve's Guide Bio Here.

Bill Thorne - Over the past year since we opened the store BILL THORNE has become a hugely important member of the team, firstly to relieve the boy's when they had guide duties, and now as full time in the shop.  Bill's our gentle giant and its not just his boundless passion for fly fishing, but really his ability to share the love. Bill has been president of 2 Trout Unlimited Chapters and now sits on the State executive, and the stamp of his office is not only pure resource conservation, but hand in hand with having people enjoy the marvellous resources we have.  Plus he's a fun guy to share a boat with, yarn with on a bank or help you choose a rod or waders. 

"My fly fishing career had humble beginnings fishing with an old fiberglass rod with a Martin auto wind reel in the mid 70’s. I fished a bunch of no name creeks for trout while riding a Harley through the Rockies. This progressed into fishing out of a canoe and throwing poppers on a three weight for bluegills in farm ponds and small lakes in southern Indiana.  Fast forward to the Beaver  tale waters in the early 90’s and you would find me with  my trusty 3 wt and an inexpensive spring and pawl reel, fishing for Rainbows. This all lead to my current obsession and early retirement to pursue the lofty title of “Trout bum”.  As John Gierach once wrote, you can’t be a true “trout bum” until you quit a good job to pursue your passion. Having done that, I now live on the White River and spend as much time as possible nymphing the White and North Fork rivers while wade fishing or throwing big streamers to trophy Browns out of a boat (either the River or Drift variety) You may also find me fishing for smallmouth and carp on Crooked Creek or in the fall chasing Redfish down in the Louisiana marsh. Once you get passionate about fishing it seems you really start paying attention to where the fish live. Our nation’s water; rivers and streams, cold and warm. It is impossible to do this without thinking about how to protect, restore and conserve this valuable resource. This very thing has led me to years of involvement in Trout Unlimited, first as an energetic volunteer and then as an officer.

Chad Johnson - CHAD JOHNSON might have been raised in Mississippi but he has fast established a reputation as one of the fishiest guys on the White River.  Chad, or "Mini-Guide" as he calls himself is a huge part of our team with a personality way bigger than his frame. Chad is a fun guy either on the river as one of our guide team or in the shop.  He fishes hard-core, anytime, any weather, for any species, and is unforgiving on his equipment so the stuff he recommends works and will take some abuse.  Chad spends more time on the river guiding than in the store these days but remains a core member of the team and as Director of Education runs our classes and programs. Read Chad's Guide Bio Here.

Rabecca Dally - Rabecca Dally's smiling face is already well-known around the shop, and while she considers herself still a relative novice fly fisher, her fly suggestions are always worth following. Rabecca will tell you her main job has been raising 3 great kids, Derrick, Crystal and Lynsey, but her degree and profession is as a teacher at Small World Pre-School in Mountain Home. Her knowledge of education has been a positive influence on the way we teach classes. It also means we are one of the few fly shops that can arrange licensed professional day care for young children while you fish.

Gabe Levin - We like to joke that Gabe Levin is the guy we all want in the boat: if there is a sniff of a trophy Gabe will find it. Truly though he's not only a very talented fly fisher in his own right but a very solid bloke, with another great personality to have around.  Gabe actually has a "real job" in primary industry but he agreed to help us out on weekend. Y'all will enjoy him! Read Gabe's bio here.  

Ben Levin - Getting Ben into the team here was a huge bonus.  He's been a fishing buddy and worked with some of our guide team for years and we finally wore him down. You will really enjoy meeting him in the shop as well.  We like to say he is the nice one, and he's a great guide as well. Read Ben's Guide Bio Here.