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You, the customers, are why all of us in the team get up out of bed and come to work with a grin on our faces. It is your enthusiasm to fish, your dedication to the fly rod, to drive and fly in many cases hundreds of miles to pursue this weird obsession that inspires us too.  We are privileged to be able to share it and to help you get the most out of your White River experiences.  We want you to love this place as much as we do.


Faye Clark - Faye is indispensible around here. "Miss Faye", as she is known in the Southern way, is the one who returns order to chaos.  As our office manager, she is the one to convert the boys scribbled notes, vague ideas and "get thing done first" approach into standard business and accounting practices. Miss Faye is often the first voice you will hear if you call the shop, and runs our Online Store, getting your orders packed and sent out fast. If you have shopped with us previously you will have received her "smiley face" handwritten notes accompanying your order.  She is also a true local having been born and raised along the White River.  Faye couldn't be better suited as the voice of reason among the fly fishing lunatics around this place, having learnt her craft after marrying her husband, well known tier and fly fisher Mike. Mike is another of our extended family around the Ozark Fly Fisher who pitches in, when all our guides are on duty and we need a reliable hand in the shop. 

Steve Dally - Steve has worked in various sectors of the industry: media, marketing consultant, and guide since 2000, including the last 15 years in fly shops on the White River system, largely in managerial roles. Steve is a signature fly designer with Rainy's Flies for his conception of Dally's Tailwater Jig, Dally's Tailwater Soft Hackle, Dally's Lap Dancer, Dally's Tiny Dancer, and Dally's Twerking Minnow.    

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Tadd Fore - After surviving the Hada school of Ozark warmwaters and a graduate program in sustainable agriculture at Arkansas State University, Tadd and his wife MeKenzie headed west to pursue high mountain trout streams and to begin Tadd's initiation into the trout guide life. He also worked full time in a fly shop during his stint in Colorado. Now, he and MeKenzie have returned to their first love, smallmouth bass, and Tadd is the Assistant Manager at Dally's Ozark Fly Fisher. Rest assured he will greet you with a cheerful salutation and has the skillset to help you with any of your fly fishing requests. 

Chad Johnson - Chad Johnson might have been raised in Mississippi but fast established a reputation as one of the fishiest guys on the White River.  Chad, or "Mini-Guide" as he calls himself, is a huge part of our team with a personality way bigger than his frame.  He fishes hard-core, anytime, any weather, for any species, and is unforgiving on his equipment so the stuff he recommends works and will take some abuse.  As our Head Guide, Chad spends more time on the river guiding than in the store these days but remains a core member of the team and as Director of Education runs our classes and programs. Chad is a signature fly designer with Montana Fly Company for creating CJ's Sluggo, CJ's Big Johnson, and CJ's Freaky Frog.   

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Morgan Guss - Morgan is originally from Los Angeles CA where he grew up playing hockey and enjoying the beach life. After high school, he went to Arizona State University to study civil engineering. During his college years, he started fly fishing in northern Arizona and southern Colorado every chance he had and the addiction has grown from there. After a few years fishing around Arizona, he took a job as a guide in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Five years of guiding and four ski seasons later, he finally decided to move to Cotter to further pursue his career in the fly fishing industry and chase fish year round. 

Victor Edwards - Florida born and raised, Victor grew up in and around water. His fishing adventure began as a small child and now, some 6 decades later, he still celebrates each fish caught. Having guided for trout and steelhead in Michigan and multiple saltwater species in Florida, he has retired to a home overlooking the White River. With more than 4 decades of fly-fishing experience he finds working at Dally’s & meeting folks “a chance to give back to the sport and loads of fun”. Primarily focusing on working in the shop one or two days a week, Victor does a select few guide trips a year, specializing in beginner and instructional type guide trips aimed at providing improved skills to his clients. Whether you’re looking for advice on flies or equipment, or a quick casting lesson on the lawn, stop by and say hello and take advantage of his more than  4 decades of experience. 

Luke Coffey - Born and raised in the extreme northwestern portion of the Ozarks Plateau, Luke Coffey is no stranger to his biospheric surroundings.  He is known simply as Luke to friends and family.  Often there’s an ole, as in good ole, adjective injected in that nomer.  That’s due to his reputation as a personable and down right likeable fellow. Luke earned his formal education in the small, rural public schools of this region as he tagged along with mom and pop along their career path as educators.  He was quite active in various school activities from the onset of this schooling.  After high school he toiled a few semesters at a local junior college. 

Most would say his real education began after his JUCO days.  That’s when he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force.  Luke served our country for over six years in this role, with multiple deployments to the Middle East and Afghanistan.   
After military separation, Luke once again went the higher learning route, attending Oklahoma State University.  After OSU, Luke moved on to his real passion.  That love began in boyhood days with fishing rod and line tethered not only to his hands, but also his heart. This hobby would evolve into his career. 
Luke has been sharing his love of the angle through guiding service for going on a decade now. This occupation has taken him from the clear streams of the Ozarks, to the wilderness of Alaska; and back, several times. Look him up if you want to experience this natural high. You’ll probably find him out on the river. And yes, line and rod will still be attached to both hands and heart 

Parker Wise - We also added the sharp young talents of Parker Wise last summer and we are grooming him to hopefully hang around for a while. Parker has a great pedigree being the eldest of our buddy, fly tyer, guide and video empresario Brian Wise. Parker is also a hugely talented artist and just fishy.

Adrian Hubbard - As a Mountain Home native, Adrian spent his childhood exploring the local waterways. His love for everything outdoors began at a young age when he would catch anything moving at the nearby creek. While in college, Adrian was introduced to the sport of fly fishing and was instantly bit by the "bug." He is excited to be back in the area and to share his love of fly fishing with others.