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Guide trip information

Whether you are a raw beginner looking to kickstart your fly fishing; a newcomer to the intricacies of the White River fishery, or a seasoned veteran hunting the famed trophy brown trout, our guides will ensure your trip is a success, and you leave with great memories, and probably some handsome photos.  

Our guides come from widely different backgrounds brought together by their shared skills, fly fishing obsession and desire to share that passion with you.  Ask our guides what they did on their day off and most likely they will have been fly fishing, for something, somewhere.  

The team offers wade, drift boat and river boat trips. They are State-licensed, properly insured and totally professional. They also happen to be a lot of fun.

Bring your favorite rods or use our guide rods, at no extra charge, just give us a heads up when you book if you need gear.  We can also arrange you to trial that next rod on your shopping list during your guide trip.You need to have appropriate clothing for the conditions, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen. Waders are optional  on higher flows, essential on low water.

Our full day trips include lunch, which could range from sandwiches, cold meats, southern fried chicken, fajitas or bbq. Generally as standard we don't do cooked "shore lunches" which eat into your fishing time.  But if your party would like a fish fry, bbq or other cooked lunches we are more than happy to arrange these services for an additional fee.  Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements or serious dislikes, we can give the guide a heads up, particularly for soda choices alongside our standard bottled water.

Cancellation Policy

A 50% deposit will be charged up front for booked guide trips. 

Your deposit will be refunded if the cancellation takes place outside of 14 days before your scheduled trip. 

Inside the last 14 days, the deposit is forfeited. 

When is the best time of year to fish for trout?

The best time of the year is between mid March to October, but you can still catch fish year-round.    

Which rod should I buy?

There is no clear answer to this question. The best answer I have is to just try out the rods and see which one fits you best!  This is pointed mainly towards beginners, or people who are unsure about what type of rod they want. By testing out different rods, you will you might not like the balance on one rod, but love the balance on another. This is the only for-sure way to find the perfect rod for you. 

What is a good tip you have for beginners?

A good tip would be to slow down.  Observe your surroundings and think about where the fish might be hiding.  Don't rush into fly fishing, and as the saying goes - patience is virtue!

Is it better to fish with nymphs?

Dry fly fishing can be a lot of fun, but most of a trout's diet comes from below the water.  This means that the trout might be more interested in an under-water snack than one sitting on the surface.  Experiment with both and see which you prefer! 

Is it better to float or wade?

Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.  With wading, it is easier to get to shallower or harder to reach spots, but you risk scaring the fish away by sloshing through the water.  If you float, you won't have the noise problem (until you turn on the motor), but you won't be able to get into the shallow, hard to reach spots.  By floating, you will cover more water area and also be able to reach the deeper parts of the river.

My advice would be to try both and see what you like the most!  Fly fishing can be very different from person to person, depending on their preferences.