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The weather has been beautiful and mild for the most part, much to the enjoyment of the many visitors here to fish and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. It seems to be a popular time of year for ‘bring the whole family’ style of vacations and other multi-generational fly fishing adventures. Low, clear […] READ MORE >>
Bull Shoals Dam continues to release relatively little water, extending some killer caddis fishing into June, while holding back the rapidly swelling Bull Shoals Lake. There’s only seven feet remaining in Bull Shoals ‘flood pool,’ and the lake has been rising nearly a foot every two days. That means that within two weeks there’s likely […] READ MORE >>
Warm weather and overcast skies combined over the last week for some spectacular fishing in the Ozarks. Explosions of caddis continue up and down the Bull Shoals tailwater. Perhaps the warm but not too bright conditions were exactly what’s needed to extend the caddis hatch through the end of May, or perhaps the hatch is […] READ MORE >>
Overcast skies early this week set up some prime fishing scenarios, with hoards of caddis continuing to emerge in-between rain showers, seemingly more so than if skies were clear. The result is short windows of intensely good fishing, which is normal for hatch based fly fishing – you have to be patient and wait out […] READ MORE >>
So far May is churning out some pretty solid fishing excursions on a variety of water, from trout on Bull Shoals and Norfork Tailwaters to smallmouth on Crooked Creek to bass and crappie in the reservoirs…..May is a pretty safe bet most years. The caddis hatch continues on the tailwaters, and there’s plenty of fair […] READ MORE >>
It’s been a heck of a week for fly fishermen on the White River. Caddis hatches have been regular and often, and the effect is evident in the many smiles and fist bumps going around the boat ramp, the parking lot, the fly shop, gas station etc. The White River is simply a blast when […] READ MORE >>
Flows on the White have been somewhere around 4,000cfs for a few days now, providing some nice stable water and dependable fishing. There has been a bit too much cloud cover in recent days to spark any major caddis hatches, but once the fish have seen a big hatch like we saw late last week, […] READ MORE >>