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This week has been a clash of fiberglass and brown trout. Needless to say wade fishermen probably received quite the show as we had our first bout of minimum flow for the year. Even the most experienced of boaters likely “grazed” a rock in the pursuit of the ever elusive brown trout. Luckily for most, the bright sun and […] READ MORE >>
Editor Note: This week’s fly fishing report, and hopefully more beyond, come from the creative mind of Dally’s guide Adrian Hubbard, who takes over from an illustrious list of notables including the Gale Levin and Junior Schraeder. Wish him well.  “Bobbers and Water Moths” is what this week is all about. Caddis season is really starting […] READ MORE >>
Bent rods, big grins, big clouds of bugs and buttery brown trout were the story of the week. The 2022 caddis hatch has been epically weird so far, sublime one day spluttering the next. Patience grasshopper, there is a little minimum flow showing on the schedule tomorrow night. Will it continue through the weekend? Well […] READ MORE >>
THIS week has had it all, wind, rain hail and sunshine. But today is going to turn those frowns upside down. Finally it seems we are going to have a confluence of war and sunny and lower flows, with around a unit of water scheduled all day on the White. This should start to hopefully […] READ MORE >>
IT was a sniff, the barest taste, a precious morsel of what sort of caddis hatch we could be enjoying, with the right conditions. Fold in lower flows and sunny skies in spring and it doesn’t take long for the bugs to start popping. And there was bunch of hungry guides lined up for the […] READ MORE >>
IT’s early April, cold, windy and high water, and waiting for the caddis to emerge from their homes. Perhaps the White River version of Groundhog Day with a couple of billion tiny turquoise heads popping out of their homes, and going “not yet”. The good news is there are other food sources putting fish in […] READ MORE >>
Hot, cold, sunny, rainy, windy and beautiful, and heck all in about 5 minutes. Welcome to the Ozarks in springtime: anything is possible, and if you don’t like the weather wait an hour or two. We are at the end of March and I got an ice-cream headache running down river yesterday afternoon. Today the […] READ MORE >>