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Adapting to changing conditions is the mark of the learned fly fisherman, especially when fishing tailwaters like our own. Season-long generation patterns could change in an instant, along with hot flies and weather conditions. In short, those who come prepared for any and all situations usually enjoy the most success out on the water. This […] READ MORE >>
Some days on the river are epic – where an endless line of big brown and rainbow trout await to gobble up even the poorest of presented flies. Other days require multiple fly changes while dealing with moody water conditions, lock-jawed trout, or overcrowded rivers. I suppose this holds true for nearly every fishable stream […] READ MORE >>
Rich golds blend with splendid yellows and deep oranges. Hazy mahogany merges with splashes of bright lemon and dots of brilliant reds. Soon we will apply these descriptors to the autumn foliage that surrounds us, but in the meantime, we could accurately utilize these phrases to detail some of the beautifully-colored brown trout we have […] READ MORE >>
I love summertime fishing as much as the next guy. Long days, foggy mornings, hopper eats – the list goes on and on about how much fun it can be. However, looking ahead to the changing of the seasons feels refreshing and eagerly anticipated. We are already seeing hints of autumn on the river. Brown […] READ MORE >>
My goodness, what a week it has been since we last had the pleasure of conversing with you all. August rounded out nicely with a solid hopper bite, stellar temperatures, and a blossoming brown trout bonanza. The weather took offense to my backhanded slights last week and decided to mend its attitude a bit. Cooler […] READ MORE >>
It’s hot. It’s sizzling, scorching, blazing, stifling, roasting, sweltering, scalding, boiling. Whatever superlative you want to attach to this week’s weather is fine by me, so long as it conjures images of Dante’s Inferno. Any praise I heaped upon the weather in the previous two weeks has alchemized into words of sweaty, sticky contempt. Nonetheless, […] READ MORE >>
Speak it into existence, so they say. I merely mentioned the notion of pumpkin spice lattes in last week’s report and no sooner than the report went live, autumn whispers began to arrive in the early morning breeze. If you’ve been on the water as of late, that morning commute on the river has been […] READ MORE >>
Pumpkin Spice Latte, anyone? The weather we’ve had over the last week, which has offered much needed relief from the scorching summer heat, has me feeling all the autumn feels. It seems like summer has really just started, but in reality we only get to enjoy about another month before it gives way to fall.  […] READ MORE >>