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We’ve made it a week into November without any seriously bad weather; we’ll see how much longer our luck holds out. Looks like cold rain tonight and tomorrow morning, then clear skies and warming temperatures starting on Friday, with Saturday and Sunday’s afternoon highs reaching into the sixties. It is shaping up to be a […] READ MORE >>
The natives are growing restless over the persistence of high water conditions, yet the White River continues to give up quality brown trout week after week. Perhaps the autumn season on the White is more typically a low water scenario yielding quantity more so than quality. Lots of people have been spoiled in the past […] READ MORE >>
Well here we are a week away from November and still looking at 11,000+cfs pumping down the Bull Shoals tailwater. In a normal year (no such thing on these waters), by the end of summer the lake has been sufficiently drained as to allow for at least intermittent periods of low flow in the tailwater. […] READ MORE >>
Beautifully clear blue skies, mild temperatures, Bald Eagles everywhere, bent fly rods everywhere……that’s what October is about. The temperature thing is a big deal. It’s so nice to be outside on the water fishing when temps are between 50 and 70 degrees….it significantly elevates the enjoyment of the angling experience. You can drink hot coffee […] READ MORE >>
Fall weather has finally arrived. Mornings on the river are a chilly experience, but beautifully crisp and refreshing after a hot humid September. A dense white fog clings to the river valley most mornings, turning a glowing orange hue as the sun burns through it. The visual experience from a boat on the water can […] READ MORE >>
It’s been a hot start to October, in terms of both the weather and the fishing. Afternoon temps have been above ninety degrees for several days in a row, with a bright hot sun burning down from a very bright blue sky. In such conditions the fish are still happy to eat the bugs of […] READ MORE >>
It’s officially autumn now, but it still feels like summer on the river. Mornings are cool and foggy, afternoons are hot and muggy, and plenty of nice trout are still in their summertime haunts. The steady high water creates lots of undercut banks, flooded grass beds, shady pockets under overhanging trees, and other such comfortable […] READ MORE >>