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June started off with a bang with a weekend of some pretty incredible dry fly fishing with browns looking up for cicadas. For those who found themselves in the right place at the right time, the bite was silly at times. It seems that the cicada bite has peaked and is now on its way […] READ MORE >>
Generation on the White this week has tried to hold to steady patterns, though kinks in this pattern showed up from time to time. Weekend water saw lengthy periods of flow between 6-8,000 cfs during fishing hours. This trend continued into Monday until late afternoon with a jump up to nearly 13,000 cfs by nightfall. […] READ MORE >>
Flows on the White have been of the mixed variety this past week – similar to how we described the flows in the previous week’s report. We saw extended periods of 30 megs mixed with long bouts of 230 megs and everything in-between. No discernible pattern really came to fruition aside from every day giving […] READ MORE >>
April showers bring May…showers. Rain has spilled over into the beginning of May and it has been a wet week to say the least. From long drizzles to pop up thunderstorms, Arkansas spring is here to stay. As such, lots of water is plunging into our twin lakes and causing them to rise. As we’ve […] READ MORE >>
Water this week on the White has been a little less stable than in previous weeks. Though daily projections have called for fairly steady flow, each day has consisted of ups and downs that require timing and know-how to optimize fishing success. Flows have been as low as 900 cfs and as high as 15,000 […] READ MORE >>
The White River is in an interesting phase right now. Overall, water is still hovering in that 40 megawatts range. Afternoon bumps have been more common lately as near-90 degree weather has forced many to kick on the A/C after lunchtime. With long bouts of 40 megawatts or less is present, caddis try to get […] READ MORE >>
Minimum flow has been a notion of the past, at least during the last seven days. For the first time in what feels like forever, generation on the White never dipped below 1,000 cfs. 20-45 megawatts has been typical with only the rarest of bumps between 100-200 megs. It stands to reason that consistent low […] READ MORE >>
The weekend on the White sang the minimum flow melody with only sporadic and short-lived bumps of H2O. We really did not see any mentionable water until Tuesday. Minimum flow never returned until a short two-hour window mid-day on Thursday. The days in-between saw long periods of pretty stable water – albeit low most days. […] READ MORE >>
“The rain came down and the floods came up.” I found myself singing the popular children’s song from time to time as I spent countless minutes bailing water from my boat during Monday’s torrent. At one point, a small rainbow we had caught slipped from my hands, fell into the boat, and was actually able […] READ MORE >>
If you were out fishing Thursday, you were wet Thursday. Rain from start to finish soaked many who braved the downpour and Friday looks to continue the trend. Thankfully, though, a solid pair of Simms or Grundens bibs provide much needed reprieve during rainy spring days, which we are sure to see plenty of in […] READ MORE >>
It has come time to say farewell to February and aloha to the month that will officially usher in spring. Winter is coming to a close and longer, warmer days are peaking over the horizon. I can’t remember a winter this mild in quite some time, though, and these 70-80 degree February days have not […] READ MORE >>