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What a difference a week makes. If you were around 10 days ago, you enjoyed near 80-degree days with bursts of shad tumbling out of Bull Shoals in the latter part of the day. In the blink of an eye, we saw an about-face to freeze warnings, rain, and high generation on both the White […] READ MORE >>
The countdown to the Spring Equinox is nearing its completion as we eagerly await the coming of misty mornings, warmer weather, and caddis caking our sunglasses as we motor upstream. We received a taste of spring weather this past week, as we saw many windy days in the upper 70s. Rains over the early weekend […] READ MORE >>
We’ve had days in the 70’s, the daffodils and dogwoods are blooming. Not to mention I found a beetle on my shoulder just yesterday. I believe it’s safe to say that spring is on its way. With the exception of allergies, spring brings in a heck of a lot of good things to the fly […] READ MORE >>
We are a month away from the official start to spring in the Ozarks but not so as you would notice. Heat, rain, thunder and lightning, wind and daffodils blooming on the banks, and shad rolling from the dam, even a late night tornado siren all bring thoughts of emergent spring to hand. Brown trout […] READ MORE >>
We finally received some of the bigger water that we have so eagerly awaiting and it has been a welcomed change of scenery. The more significant pushes of water have pushed a bit of shad out here and there. Some have been lining up to take advantage of this little feeding frenzy hoping to land […] READ MORE >>
With Crooked Creek and the Buffalo pumping and dumping, most of us have been bouncing back and forth from the newly opened dam section and the Norfork. Some shad action sporadically occurred early in the week and gave us a little taste of what winter fishing is all about. Unfortunately it was relatively short lived. […] READ MORE >>
As of Wednesday, the dam is officially back open for business. The long absence of pressure and the anadromous nature of trout came together and created some fantastic opportunities. As long as they are not completely ramrodded with fishing pressure this scenario could last for a bit longer. We have finally been seeing some small […] READ MORE >>