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Michael Shraeder Jr. is off to start his freshman year of college at Arkansas Tech University, which means we won’t be seeing him around Dally’s fly shop for a while. He will be missed. I can think of no one who displays a more genuine excitement for all things fishing than young Michael. That enthusiasm […] READ MORE >>
Life has been pretty sweet on the river the past week. Some clouds and scattered thunderstorms have helped to keep a lid on the heat index – a couple days never made it out of the eighties. Throw in a light breeze here and there and you have trout fishing heaven. Next week’s forecast is […] READ MORE >>
How do you quantify the success of a guided day of fishing? In the simplest terms one could say that a fishing guide’s purpose is to produce good fishing, in a consistent and reliable manner. But what defines “good fishing?” For some, good fishing might mean catching lots of fish and for others it might mean […] READ MORE >>
Some much needed rain fell in the area over the last few days. It was not enough to raise the level of our bass creeks by any significant amount, but its clouds did provide some temporary relief from the heat, making for a comfortable week of fishing on the White. That’s the first time my […] READ MORE >>
Well two of our crew, Steve Dally and Ben Levin, are galavanting off down south in Florida trying to catch a tarpon or some silly little fish like that. What poor souls. In just a week’s time, half of the crew will be trucking north to the wilds of Wisconsin, pining for the tug of […] READ MORE >>
Happy Independence Day Y’all! Fly fishing guides always have some ready made excuse to blurt out whenever fishing gets slow – usually something about the weather, water conditions, or crowds – something to point a finger at lest we bother ourselves with the possibility that our angling skill is simply less than adequate. I prefer […] READ MORE >>
High heat is back with a vengeance this week, after a few days of scattered clouds and thunderstorms. What little rain we received was much needed, though barely enough to knock the dust down. The forecast shows highs in the mid to upper nineties for the next week, but do not despair fellow anglers – […] READ MORE >>