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THE pattern, if you will, of lower flows overnight and building up after lunch to higher flows has been steady, but your fishing fate rests in the small print. Subtle variations in the changes in flow and its timing can be the difference between lights out fishing and just another day. This afternoon in relatively […] READ MORE >>
IT’S HARD not to describe this week as the most epic August for some years with the only question much longer can the hopper bite last. Great weather, a solid bite, and some huge fish to close out the month The first week of September might not have the same F90+ temperatures of this week […] READ MORE >>
The shade of a tree, or a bridge, is a fine place to take a break from the sun and watch the river roll by, imbibing something icy cold and hydrating. Yeh its been hot. The right clothing, plenty of sunscreen, Smith sunglasses and a big Fishpond palm front hat will help. But there is […] READ MORE >>
SCHOOL’S BACK and the traffic is dropping on week days at least. This morning rose warm and muggy under gray skies, perfect for chasing some big brown trout. And with hot temperatures back in the forecast next week summer is not over yet. The lakes are still on schedule to come out of power pool […] READ MORE >>
AHHH, that cold clear water on a 100 degree day, cicadas buzzing and noses poking through a glossy film. Temperatures should starting winding down out of heat advisory class tomorrow, and through the weekend, with some cloud and scattered rain to bring back more comfortable conditions for the weekend. Speaking of water, right now the […] READ MORE >>
Hopefully anglers on the White and Norfork Rivers this week understand just how lucky they are. Lucky to be spending time on a thriving fishery during a time of great uncertainty for iconic fisheries suffering from drought, and lucky to get a week of temperatures in the eighties in August, in the South. More than […] READ MORE >>
In what will surely be one of the hottest weeks of the summer, with highs in the mid to upper nineties (plus significant humidity) for six days in a row, the fishing has remained outstanding, thanks to an abundant supply of cold oxygen rich water. It’s easy to bemoan the heavy rains of late winter […] READ MORE >>