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Two months ago everyone was whining about drought. But the vagaries of Ozarkian weather patterns now has the wild-run rivers in flood, and the White River catchment dams on the rise. The White below Bull Shoals Dam remains a spot of relative calm amid the chaos all around, as it is supposed to, holding back […] READ MORE >>
Well, caddis are still consistently coming off, and at this point we are not sure when their gonna quit. We have had an exceptional caddis hatch this year, and many big fish have been brought to the boat on this tiny delicacy. The upper stretches of the White, now seem to be producing the larger concentration […] READ MORE >>
Well, caddis continue to be the big talk on the river. But as the saying goes, all good things must eventually come to an end. So if you want to experience some outstanding dry fly action, you better come and get it while it’s still hot. In spite of the occasional thunder storms that have […] READ MORE >>
  CADDIS, CADDIS, CADDIS!!! It’s what everyone’s talking about. We have had an exceptional caddis hatch this year, and the hatch still continues to produce. Even though colder weather and heavy winds may have put a small dent in the hatch in the early part of the week, the caddis should resume coming off as we approach […] READ MORE >>
If you’ve spent any time readying our blog lately, you would have certainly noticed the Sowbug Roundup being mentioned several times. “Sowbug” is a three day fly tying and fly fishing show, that has been held in Mountain Home for the past 20 years. So, for those of you new to fly fishing/tying, or for those […] READ MORE >>
If last week’s weather was a roller coaster, we’d all be tossing our cookies. Up with the warm temperatures, side to side with the tornado warning, and then back down with the 3 inches of snow on Saturday! Whew! We all know how this weather makes us feel, but one question being frequently asked at the shop […] READ MORE >>
“The Ways of the Heron” should be the title of some famous fly fisherman’s autobiography. “WALK like the Heron, STALK like the Heron, BE the Heron.” When all else fails, the heron will always get his daily limit. He comes with all the equipment necessary to catch an unsuspecting fish. His bluish-grey feathers serve as a natural […] READ MORE >>