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As many have already noticed that our lakes are almost at “normal” level again. Boat docks are no longer in the trees, parking lots are usable, and swimming areas are moving back into place. This means that we are encroaching to power pool. According to the USACE Lakes Forecast this could occur sometime in the […] READ MORE >>
As many have noticed, the water this week has thrown us a bit of a curve ball. However as the old saying goes; when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Although the stable water that the fish and guides had grown accustomed to has been thrown out the window, not all is bad. The water […] READ MORE >>
The hot temperatures and high water finally gave us something that we can all enjoy, hopper season. That’s right, fish are looking up and appear to be willing to eat some foam this week. Early mornings until around 10:00 or so definitely seems to be the magic time however, fish are being caught fairly steadily […] READ MORE >>
You have really had your pick of tactics this week on the White sense hoppers are starting to take off and sulphurs are continuing to come out in the evenings. It has created some unique opportunities for guides to custom tailor trips to fit the niche of their clients. Some prefer to jump on the […] READ MORE >>
As I watched my wife wage war on a small family of bagworms that have been munching around on her garden, I couldn’t help but giggle a little. It was not so much the view of raw athleticism she was displaying as she fought the garden hose, the cheap spraying attachment, or the elusive flying […] READ MORE >>
This week is a good reminder of just how important staying hydrated is. According to the all knowing weatherman, several days this week have reached near record level temperatures. This means that things like water and gatorade are necessities and one should not rely solely on the budlight kind of water. Tricks like dipping your […] READ MORE >>
Hopper season is on its way. Judging by the remnants that have been occasionally left in my boat, the fish have already begun to start partaking in the consumption of tasty little terrestrials. Just think, it will only get better. Sulphurs are still on the menu, but the quantity is undoubtedly beginning to dissipate. Sulphur […] READ MORE >>
The calendar officially says summer and the weather is here to go with it. This week’s focus has continued to be on the sulphur hatch and it looks like that should be the case for at least a bit longer. Lucky for us, the fish have continued to look up.  This creates some awesome dry […] READ MORE >>