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Being a fly fishing guide isn't just a way to earn a living. The best guides we know or have met have one thing in common, a burning passion, even obsession with the way of the fly rod. The ones who might guide you all day, then slip off to the river to fish of an evening; who schedule family holidays around fly fishing destinations and who climb out of bed in the middle of the night to tie that latest idea. 

There are plenty of guides on the White River system to "show you where the fish are" but fewer who can find the fish, know the rigging and tactics for changing conditions; have the right rods, lines and fly boxes for any eventuality; can teach you how to double haul, or single spey with a trout rod. Who share your passion.

Our guide team, which also makes up most of our shop ownership and staff, are these guys. They go through waders and boots like others wear out jeans and tennis shoes, have fished 4 continents and North America from Alaska to The Keys. Regular folk would probably think them "not right".

Our tailwaters can be some of the most complex to deal with anywhere, given the enormously varied water conditions you could face on any day. There aren't many places you can start the day wading at 50 cfs, and by midafternoon, be drifting on 20,000 cfs, and our guys will still have you catching fish and having fun.

These are the guys you want to make your fly fishing holiday one to remember for all the right reasons and keep you coming back season after season.

The team offers wade, drift boat and river boat trips. They are state-licensed, properly insured and totally professional. They also happen to be a lot of fun.

Bring your favorite rods or use our guide rods, at no extra charge, just give us a heads up when you book if you need gear.  We can also arrange you to trial that next rod on your shopping list during your guide trip.You need to have appropriate clothing for the conditions, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen. Waders are optional  on higher flows, essential on low water.

Our full day trips include lunch, which could range from sandwiches, cold meats, southern fried chicken, fajitas or bbq. Generally as standard we don't do cooked "shore lunches" which eat into your fishing time.  But if your party would like a fish fry, bbq or other cooked lunches we are more than happy to arrange these services for an additional fee.  Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements or serious dislikes, we can give the guide a heads up, particularly for soda choices alongside our standard bottled water.


FULL DAY TRIP (lunch provided)

  • 1 or 2 people $550.00

HALF DAY TRIP (lunch not provided)

  • 1 or 2 people $450.00

*Cancellation Policy: A 50% deposit will be charged up front for booked guide trips. Deposit will be refunded if the trip is cancelled outside of a 14 day period from the trip date. Inside the last 14 days deposit is forfeited.