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Davy Wotton's Whitetail Midge tied by Teresa Van Winkle

Davy Wotton's unique Whitetail Midge endures as one of the hottest patterns on the White River system, after 7 years in our bins.

Lafkas Modern Deceiver

Another masterpiece from the vise of our irrepressible northern friend & colleague Alex Lafkas. Alex spends his winters on the White River chasing trophy brown trout with the Ozark Fly Fisher crew, while the rest of the year he guides on the rivers around Grayling Michigan.

Davy Wotton Sowbug: tied by Teresa Van Winkle

Sowbugs are a staple of Tailwater trout diets and there have been plenty of attempts to mimic these freshwater crustaceans. In our mind Davy Wotton's Sowbug stands apart from all others, and is our go to pattern when sightfishing to twitchy trophy browns on the White River.

Davy Wotton SLF Trans Caddis

A killer Caddis pattern from the master, Davy Wotton.
This is a proven performer here on the White River plus much wider afield _ and as good as it looks in our fly bins its even better wet.

Davy Wotton Winged Wet Hare's Ear/March Brown

A winged wet Hare’s Ear as traditional and elegant a fish catcher as you will find.

Winged wet flies date back the early 19th Century UK, a time when the vice was considered a subversive influence, bamboo hadn’t really taken over from wood, and a light trout rod might be 12’ long. While other conventions of the time, buckled to progress the winged wets remain.

Davy Wotton's Catchall Caddis

The Catchall Caddis is one of Davy Wotton's go to Caddis patterns either at the top dropper in a team of wets or as a single fly for fish feeding up in or on the film.

Four Zebra Midges

You shouldn't visit the White River without a goodly selection of Zebra Midges. Dally's Ozark Fly Fisher guide and Umpqua Fly Designer Chad Johnson shows a neat trick for a slender version in four of our must have colors,

Orvis Encounter Waders & Boots: Mail Bag

Continuing our Dally's Mail Bag video series is this introduction to the value-minded Orvis Encounter waders and boots, for men, women and kids.

Junior's Wasabi Frog

Junior Schraeder joins our fly tying video series with his fast and durable Wasabi Frog: Tie up a bunch of these and throw them into harm's way.

OrvisHelios3: Mail Bag

Listen to Michael Schraeder run through the new Orvis Helios 3D & 3F models, designed for enhanced accuracy and precision.

Chad Johnson's Mini Mega Minnow

The Mini Mega Minnow offers predator hunters a smaller profile for imitating prey species, like smallmouth & largemouth bass, white hybrids and stripers and smaller esox species, not forgetting trout species. If it eats small baitfish, it will eat this fly.

Dally's Mail Box: Sage SALT HD

Sage's brand spanking new SALT HD gets unboxed in out new video series profiling new products landing at Dally's Ozark Fly Fisher.

Dally's Twerking Minnow

Steve Dally's articulated version of the single hook synthetic baitfish pattern, the Bush Pig. The Twerking Minnow is a pattern worked best mid-water column, with either Optic style Eyes or deep with a Bait Fish Head.It's tough, durable with a lively action. So far its scored on trophy Brown trout, big rainbows, bass and stripers, plus Russian Taimen

Buffalo Brothers

Ben and Gabe Levin are native Arkansas fly fishing guides, raised on the river and streams snaking through the Ozark Mountains. The trophy brown trout waters, the White River below Bull Shoals Dam and the Norfork Tailwater, are their livelihood, as guides with Dally's Ozark Fly Fisher. But the wild Ozark streams, like Crooked Creek and the Buffalo River, are their lifeblood and the passion.

Chasing the Donkey: The Fun Edit

Join in the 2015 winter streamer season on the White River with the streamer addicts from Dally's Ozark Fly Fisher in Cotter.

Duane Hada's Creek Crawler

Hada's Craft Fur Clouser

Murray Wilson - Fuzzling the Fuzzuka

Murray Wilson's Dehydrated Minnow

Dally's Cracked Out Caddis

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Chad Johnson's Articulated White River Deceiver

Chad Johnson's Deer Head Slug Go

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Steve Dally's Tailwater Soft Hackle

Dally's Ozark FlyFisher partner& guide and Rainy's fly innovator Steve Dally ties his Tailwater Soft Hackles.
These wire bodied soft hackles are killers, on either the drift or swing and are available through Rainy's Flies dealer network The wire bodies provide some weight to fish either on the point or higher in a team.

Fuzzle Sowbug tied by Steve Dally

Adapting Murray "Muz" Wilson's Fuzzling technique to a tailwater standard _ the Sowbug.
Fuzzling is the technique, discovered by Aussie Peter Morse but developed and popularized by Muz, of dubbing to body materials instead of the tying thread. Chenille, wire or in this case Wapsi Stretch Cord.

Steve Dally's Hippy Chick

The Hippy Chick was designed initially as a heavy "nymph", a mobile baitfish profile to be fished dead drift in deep fast water for the White River shad kills.

Steve Dally's Lap Dancer

Dally's Ozark Fly Fisher partner and guide Steve Dally demonstrates his predator seducing Lap Dancer in trophy brown trout sizes. Like all our White River trophy brown trout guides, Steve was seeking new ways to find the radical wounded baitfish action to tempt big browns.

Steamer Fishing the White River

Unplugged: Fly Fishing the Buffalo River Wilderness

Deep in the Ozark Mountains is a river that time passed by, the Buffalo River.
Surrounded by its own National Park the Buffalo flows under soaring limestone bluffs, and emerald forests.
Explore the Buffalo on either guided day drift boat float on the middle stretches or join one of our limited run 3-day camping floats on the Lower Wilderness.